Windows Core operating system appears on Geekbench benchmark

In a recent official document, Microsoft mentioned the modular Windows Core OS operating system for dual-screen and foldable devices. Now, the relevant benchmark scores have also been exposed by Geekbench. It is widely speculated that the company will officially announce Windows Core OS at the Surface Hardware New Product Launch Conference on October 2.

The Geekbench 5 benchmark score was achieved on a virtual machine running a 64-bit Windows Core System and an unknown Intel processor, so the score was somewhat low. However, Geekbench 4’s benchmark score is much higher on the same hardware. Unfortunately, this benchmark did not reveal more details than the upcoming Windows Core OS.

It should be noted that Microsoft has never officially confirmed Windows Core OS. Please be patient and wait for the October 2nd Microsoft Surface Hardware New Product Launch Conference. In addition to dual-screen Surface hardware, the company is expected to bring a “Windows Lite” lightweight operating system for Chromebook PCs and even dual-screen devices.

Via: Windows Latest