Microsoft may launch Microsoft 365 Life subscription for consumers next spring

Microsoft 365 is a subscription version of Microsoft for enterprise users. The subscription version includes the operating system, office software, and enterprise security products. It has long been said that Microsoft may also launch a consumer version of Microsoft 365, but at least this subscription version has not appeared. Now that there is new news and it was revealed by Microsoft itself, the company said it hopes to bring the Microsoft 365 experience to the consumer.

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A few days ago, Rajesh Jha, Microsoft Executive Vice President of Experiences & Devices, said at a technology summit that he hopes to launch a Microsoft 365 subscription version for ordinary consumers. However, Rajesh Jha did not disclose any information about the consumer version of Microsoft 365, so it is also unknown whether it will eventually be launched. The subscription version for the consumer may be called the Microsoft 365 Life edition, and the software included is mainly the operating system and office software products. But ZDNet editors revealed that this version may include features such as a password manager and Teams for Life, the latter being a new instant messaging tool from Microsoft. It’s just that there isn’t any news about the password manager, and it’s not clear whether this password manager can be purchased and used separately.