Dell announced the strengthening of cooperation with AMD to alleviate the difficulties caused by Intel’s shortage

Earlier, Asus revealed in the financial analyst meeting that the company is trying to cooperate with the partners because Intel’s shortage has affected the shipment of some Asus products. Therefore, ASUS will launch more new notebook computers based on AMD platform in the future. As for the shortage of Intel processors, it cannot be solved in a short time. Subsequently, Intel officially issued an open letter to apologize for the shortage. Intel stated that it was investing more funds to expand its products and optimize the 10-nanometer process. Of course, the letter of apology does not solve any problems such as chip shortages, so more manufacturers are considering cooperating with other partners to replace Intel.

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Dell CEO Tom Sweet said in an interview with Yahoo Finance that the company is currently evaluating and strengthening its cooperation with AMD. Tom said that the shortage of Intel chips will continue at least until the second half of next year, and for Dell, there is no time to continue to wait for Intel’s supply. As a result, Dell is trying to provide more consumer or enterprise devices based on AMD platforms. Dell has relied heavily on Intel processors for the past 35 years.

The latest financial report shows that Dell’s personal computer and server sales fell by 6%/16%, of which the main reason for the decline in personal computer sales is out of stock. The sharp decline in server sales was mainly due to macroeconomic uncertainty, but Dell’s sales of commercial desktop and workstation products were very strong. But even strong corporate user demand Dell wants to maintain adequate supply is also a problem, which has even affected Dell’s main business sales performance.

If Intel’s chip shortage problem continues into the second half of next year, Dell may have very serious losses from now to the second half of next year. This is also the reason why manufacturers such as Dell and Asus choose to strengthen cooperation with other partners. I believe that more manufacturers will be moving to AMD platforms.