Sat. Aug 15th, 2020

Ubuntu releases new Intel microcode update to fix restart hangs

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After the Intel processor transaction synchronization extension vulnerability was exposed last month, operating system developers such as Microsoft and Apple have made corresponding microcode updates to mitigate the vulnerability. The project teams of various distributions on the Linux side also release microcode updates to mitigate vulnerabilities, but some microcode updates may cause new problems. For example, the microcode update released by Ubuntu caused the Intel Skylake processor to hang after a restart, which caused some functions to malfunction. To this end, the operating system developer recently released a revised version of the microcode update. This time the microcode update has resolved the hang problem and no other exceptions have been found.

To solve the hang issue, Ubuntu recently released the Intel Microcode 3.20191115.1ubuntu0 update. After the installation, users will no longer hang when performing a hot restart operation. If users use Intel Skylake processors, it is recommended to install this update. Users using Ubuntu can either upgrade the latest updates directly through commands or check and download the latest updates through the software updater. If the user needs to install manually, you can also click the link below to download the update. Please note that the microcode update of each version requires different versions to be installed.

Downloads Intel microcode update:

If you need to check whether the latest Intel microcode update has been successfully installed, you can run the following command in the Ubuntu terminal and check the installation result.