Sat. Aug 15th, 2020

Microsoft plans to develop an IoT special edition for embedded devices based on Windows 10X

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The official version of Windows 10X has not yet been launched, but Microsoft is preparing intensively, and even Microsoft is preparing to develop an Internet of Things version based on Windows 10X. This IoT version is different from the Windows 10 IoT Edition, which is an interface less operating system developed for embedded IoT devices. The company is currently recruiting software engineers who will be responsible for the development of the IoT special edition, according to job postings posted by Microsoft on LinkedIn. And Microsoft specifically mentioned that this IoT special edition is based on Windows 10X version, and this version will also have a user interface to operate.

Windows 10X Launcher

The purpose of Microsoft’s development of Windows 10X version is also very clear: this version supports multiple forms of devices and has good adaptability in terms of screen. This means that the IoT version based on this version will support the use of self-service machines such as navigation equipment in some shopping malls, timetables in subways or newsstands. Judging from the recruitment information, Microsoft seems to have just decided to develop the Windows 10X IoT version, so the official launch of this version may not be that fast. However, Microsoft is now operating system changes and development speed is very fast, optimistically expected that such Internet of Things version may be completed next year.

Via:  Windows Latest