Microsoft suddenly decided not to release and update the Notepad program through Microsoft Store

Previously, Microsoft released a new version of the Notepad program that has been released for many years. At the same time, Microsoft is also preparing to update the Notepad program to the Microsoft Store. The most intuitive change to post to the Microsoft Store for updates is that the development team can provide new features at any time and then release new versions directly to users through the store. In this way, the update of the Notepad program does not need to rely on Windows 10 major version updates, from this perspective Microsoft’s approach is very wise.

Notepad Microsoft Store

In fact, the Notepad program has been updated once from Microsoft’s announcement to the store. , but unfortunately, it has been completely removed from the store by Microsoft. In its latest blog, Microsoft said that based on user feedback, the company decided not to promote the store version of Notepad to all customers and that the version already on the shelves will be removed.

At the same time, users who have installed Notepad through the app store before upgrading Windows 10 20H1 Insider Preview Build 19035, Notepad application will be deleted. That is to say, the traditional notepad application that comes with the system is directly rolled back. If the user has pinned the store version of the notepad to the taskbar, it will automatically disappear.