Microsoft mandates that the two firms shall no longer utilize Bing search data to develop artificial intelligence chatbots

Bloomberg reports that Microsoft has demanded two search engines, both of which are built on Bing search technology, to cease using Bing search index data for creating their proprietary AI chatbots. Failure to comply will result in restricted access to Bing search data.

At present, search engines developed by companies such as Yahoo Search, DuckDuckGo,, and Neeva utilize Bing search engine technology either partially or entirely, thereby reducing the time and costs required to establish comprehensive search index data using their proprietary web-crawling techniques.

Microsoft Bing GPT-4

According to Microsoft’s statement, two search engine services built on Bing search technology have violated the usage agreement, underscoring Microsoft’s reluctance to allow other companies to create their AI chatbots using Bing search index information.

However, Microsoft has not disclosed the names of the companies in violation of the cooperation agreement. Currently, search engines employing Bing search technology while incorporating AI chatbots into their services include DuckDuckGo and, with Neeva also developing similar services.

Microsoft’s current approach seems to indicate its intent to maintain a leading-edge position for Bing search services in collaboration with OpenAI’s ChatGPT technology, thereby striving for a higher market adoption rate.