Microsoft Bing launches AI painting experience website: Generate AI images based on text

Microsoft Bing has launched an online AI painting website, officially called the Image Creator, where users can generate AI images based on a series of keywords. However, at present, it only supports English input.

According to Microsoft Bing, the Image Creator can help users generate AI images using DALL-E. Users input a series of keywords, and the AI will generate a set of images that match those keywords. To experience this AI painting function, users need to log in to their Microsoft account. Microsoft currently provides 25 priority AI painting times for each logged-in Microsoft account user. After using them, users can still use AI painting, but the waiting time for AI painting may be extended. In addition, the Image Creator only supports English word input for AI painting. Microsoft has stated that it will support other languages in the future.

When using AI painting, Microsoft suggests that users can guide the AI to produce better painting effects by using “adjective + noun + verb + style” word. In addition, Microsoft also provides an auto-generated text for users to use. Click “Surprise Me” to generate a series of keyword texts.

Interested users can try the Microsoft Bing AI painting website here.