Microsoft confirms that the the new Bing runs on OpenAI’s GPT-4

Following OpenAI’s official announcement of the cutting-edge GPT-4 language model, Microsoft swiftly declared that the new Bing search service has integrated this advanced artificial intelligence technology.

Contrasting the prior version, which incorporated GPT-3.5, Microsoft now confirms that the latest Bing search service operates on the foundation of the GPT-4 model. This implies it can accommodate more intricate search interactions, seamlessly recognize image content, and even conduct searches encompassing both text and images.

With the integration of GPT-4 technology into the new Bing search service, Microsoft is poised to apply GPT-4 to a wider range of its offerings, including Skype, Microsoft Teams, the Microsoft Edge browser, and the upcoming Microsoft 365 updates.

At present, industry players, including Google, have already employed generative AI technology in their services. Google and Meta have successively announced the launch of their proprietary large-scale language models, signifying a future where a multitude of applications will be intimately fused with generative AI technology.