Epic Games denies “Unreal Tournament 3 X” rumors; FTC orders reimbursement of $245 million to consumers

At the dawn of this year, reports emerged that Epic Games had inadvertently disclosed a remastered edition of “Unreal Tournament 3” called “Unreal Tournament 3 X,” slated to grace the digital shelves of Steam, Epic Games, and GOG stores—completely free of charge, devoid of in-app purchases or restrictions. Launched in 2007, “Unreal Tournament 3” is an iconic first-person shooter with a substantial fan base, and this news captured the attention of a number of players.

As three months have elapsed, rumors have circulated that the game’s release is imminent, yet Epic Games has yet to formally announce this remastered title. In response to inquiries by The Verge, Epic Games replied, “Thank you for checking in. We have no new information to share on this.”

The introduction page for “Unreal Tournament 3 X” remains on the Steam platform, with reports suggesting that the game entered development as early as 2021. The Verge speculates that Epic Games may unveil the game at the upcoming GDC 2023, where they will also showcase the development of the Unreal Engine.

In addition, the United States Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has officially announced a resolution, ordering Epic Games to reimburse consumers a total of $245 million.

The FTC previously filed two lawsuits against Epic Games, one accusing the company of violating COPPA (Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act) by collecting personal information from “Fortnite” players under the age of 13 without notifying or obtaining consent from their parents. The second lawsuit alleged that Epic Games employed dark patterns to entice players into making unnecessary purchases and charged children without parental involvement. Last year, both parties reached a settlement agreement, with $275 million allocated to pay fines for COPPA violations and $245 million designated for refunds related to inducing unnecessary player spending.