Microsoft appears to be launching its Microsoft Edge VPN service on a grand scale

In April 2022, Microsoft initially introduced a new service called Secure Network to a select few users within Microsoft Edge. In essence, this service is a VPN that encrypts all Microsoft Edge connections upon activation. However, this feature solely affects Edge connections and does not impact overall system network traffic.

Following a year of testing, Microsoft seems to be extensively rolling out its Microsoft Edge VPN service. Numerous users have encountered the Secure Network prompt upon upgrading to Microsoft Edge version 110. Interestingly, although Microsoft has pushed the VPN to many users, some have noticed the prompt but are unable to connect. It is expected that Microsoft will eventually extend support to the majority of users over time.

With respect to regional support, Microsoft’s primary testing ground was the United States, but the service is now available to users in a broader range of countries and regions. Nonetheless, Microsoft’s support documentation for Edge VPN does not specify which countries or regions support the service.

As for data traffic, users are granted 1GB of free monthly data and a total allowance of 15GB. Exceeding this limit will incur additional charges. At present, package pricing information has not been disclosed.

Regarding technical details, Edge VPN is provided by CloudFlare, with Microsoft’s objective being to encrypt traffic rather than conceal user identities. Encryption serves to protect user browsing data from theft and prevent tracking by advertisers.

CloudFlare assigns users the nearest node (typically within the same city), enabling search engines to automatically determine the user’s location and display local weather when searching for weather information. However, the IP address corresponds to the CloudFlare node, making it challenging for ad networks to attribute user identities based solely on the IP address, at least not for delivering targeted ads.

Furthermore, downloading pirated movies or music is illegal in the United States, and it is highly unlikely that Edge VPN can guarantee protection from law enforcement agencies when engaging in such activities.