Microsoft joins the Blender Development Fund

Blender is a free and open-source software for 3D graphics design. It is free to use and has almost the same functions as commercial software. It is mainly developed in C, C++, and Python languages ​​and can run on different platforms.

Last year, two well-known companies, Ubisoft and AMD joined the Blender Foundation to better assist in the development of the Blender project and provide funding. Now, in order to express its support for Blender, Microsoft has also joined the Development Fund project of the Blender Foundation as a corporate gold member.

Microsoft uses Blender to generate synthetic 3D models and human images, which can be used to train AI models. For researchers, the use of high-quality free, open-source 3D software has proven to be very beneficial to scientific research projects. Therefore, in order to support the Blender project, Microsoft chose to join the Blender Foundation.