Google and Samsung are discussing replacing the voice assistant Bixby with Assistant

Google and Samsung are discussing replacing the voice assistant Bixby with Assistant

As the largest smartphone manufacturer in the Android world, Samsung not only has a strong supply chain and hardware products but also has its own set of software services to provide support for its various devices. Among them, the voice assistant Bixby has always been Samsung product with high hopes and great support.

But unfortunately, Bixby did not achieve the success that Samsung executives expected. It has not reached a strong level of voice assistants for smartphones for many years. Therefore, there have been rumors that Samsung will abandon Bixby.

It is currently reported that Google is negotiating commercial cooperation with Samsung. The purpose of the negotiation is to make Samsung give up pre-installing Samsung’s own software services (such as voice assistant Bixby, Galaxy Apps Store) on Samsung devices (mobile phones, tablets) to directly pre-install Google’s software services (such as Google Assistant, Google Play Store).

Google Assistant message lookscreen

“Google Assistant experience at T-Mobile” by Stuart Fingerhut, Karen Tan Eap, Daniel Alajajian, Miriam Silva is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 4.0

It should be noted that Google is trying to strengthen its control of the Android world-ecology because they want Google Play Store to swallow the Galaxy Apps Store so that they can better control software developers and Android users, so as to obtain more user data is used to provide general data resource support for other business product development and continue to maintain its dominant position.

At present, both Google and Samsung will make any formal response to this matter. The source said that Google and Samsung will officially announce the results of this negotiation as soon as next week.

Via: gsmarena