Fri. Aug 7th, 2020

How to Spy on Boyfriend’s Phone from my Phone

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Is your boyfriend acting in an immensely sneaky way off lately? Do you have reasons to believe that something is going on? Trust issues can break a relationship to no end. If you have doubts about your boyfriend’s honesty, there is a way you can confirm or dismiss it.

You probably would be wondering how to spy on your boyfriend’s phone without having it? Monitoring someone’s phone has become effortlessly easy with Spyine. It offers more than just spying. They show you the truth, as it is.

Spyine: A Leading Spyware

With its features that ensure the secretiveness of your spying conduct, Spyine is essentially a web-based app. It leaves lesser trails that could otherwise get you in danger of being caught. Your conduct and your interests are protected with Spyine.

Having doubts in your relationship is not the best of feelings, but it definitely deserves an answer. With a monitoring app like Spyine, you can obtain a holistic insight into your boyfriend’s phone.

You can view access to his inbox, his deleted messages, also his typed and unsent messages. From his social media exchanges to his GPS locations, you would have complete information on what is really going on.

Apart from these core features, there are many other Spyine’s features that make this software a desirable spying app:

Stealth Mode

You wouldn’t want your spying to be detected. Therefore, Spyine offers a stealth mode that is excellent. Your identity and spying activities would go undetected. Without any pings or security messages, you will get access to your boyfriend’s details.

No Rooting or Jailbreaking

Spyine does not pose a need for you to root through the target device. You wouldn’t even need to touch your boyfriend’s phone to spy on it. With the least information submission, you can extract maximum out of it.

Data Security

Your data and information will be in a totally secure and protective platform. There is no leakage of information as even the employees of Spyine can’t extract user details.

Steps of Spying on Boyfriend’s Phone

Whether your boyfriend uses an iOS or an Android phone, Spyine makes spying possible. Practically, within a few odd minutes, you can follow the below-mentioned steps and initiate your spying journey to your boyfriend’s phone:

When Your Boyfriend uses an iPhone

You will be surprised at how easy it is to spy on an iPhone. It takes only a few minutes to ensure that your boyfriend’s phone is linked to Spyine. You wouldn’t need his phone at all for anything. The process is so simple.

The below procedural information would provide you an insight into your boyfriend’s iPhone and his daily activities:

Step 1: You would need to first register with your email ID to Spyine’s official site. This email will act as the formal mode of Spyine’s communication with you.

Step 2: Post-registration, you will be required to choose the plan that you like. As it turns out, Spyine has many monthly plans and packages that render a lot of different sets of features.

Step 3: Once you have chosen the plan, you would then need to initiate the set up on your system. You will receive a step uplink as soon as you pay for the plan. The link would be self-explanatory and in no time you will have the software successfully installed.

Note: Once installed, it will seek the target device from you. As your boyfriend uses an iPhone, you would choose ‘iOS’ as the target device.

Step 4: When you confirm ‘iOS’ as the target device, you just need to enter the iCloud credentials of the target device. This ensures immediate linkage to the target iPhone.

That is it. In a simple set of steps, you can gain access to your boyfriend’s iPhone. You can spy in an unidentifiable way.

When Your Boyfriend Uses an Android

There is no app that could allow direct and remote access into an Android. Android has very stringent access policies. So how can Spyine ensure secretive spying into an Android device? Well, there is away.

The below procedures are the shortest and simplest ways of ensuring that you can spy on your boyfriend’s phone secretively:

Step 1: You register on Spyine’s official site using your email ID


Step 2: You then select a plan of your choice from Spyine. They have multiple plans that one can choose from. The array of monthly plans can be sought and selected, based on requirements.

Step 3: Once you select the plan and make the requisite payment, you will get the setup link on your email. You need to follow the step by step instructions until you come to the point where the app seeks the target platform. Enter ‘Android’ as the target platform.

Step 4: After you’ve entered the target platform, you will then need to download the app on your husband’s Android phone.

Spyine is only 2Mb in its weight and that doesn’t attract the attention of the user, once hidden. Resultantly, the app also vanishes from the library of apps.

Once the app is downloaded (and hidden), Spyine links itself to the target Android device. Within a few minutes, the link is set successfully with Spyine.


Spyine’s features render a perfect solution to the perennial issue of how to spy on their boyfriend’s phone without having it. Remotely, you can spy holistically from Spyine. The app is so well interfaced that you do not have to be a techie.

When it comes to trust being shaken in a relationship, having an app like Spyine is like looking into the mirror. You see the truth as it is, not what is being told to you. Words are deceptive, reality is not.