Microsoft is developing a secure programming language based on Rust

Earlier, Microsoft stated that it was exploring Rust as a safe alternative to C and C + +, and also demonstrated the experience of using Windows to rewrite Windows components. According to Microsoft, Rust is a programming language with fundamental security considerations. They will try to rewrite various products using Rust, because in the past ten years, more than 70% of Microsoft’s security patches have provided memory-related errors, and Rust is the “good medicine” to solve this problem.

In a recent talk about Microsoft’s work to solve the corresponding memory problem, Microsoft researcher Matthew Parkinson mentioned the new Rust-based programming language Verona that Microsoft is developing. In the speech, Matthew first shared the work that Microsoft has done on the MemGC (Memory Garbage Collector). “We built a garbage collector (GC) for the DOM. That big bulge in use-after-free was basically people finding ways of exploiting memory management in the DOM engine in IE.


And then [Microsoft] introduced MemGC, which is a conservative GC for the DOM. It was very targeted at this particular style of vulnerability and then basically eradicated that as an attack vector.” He introduced that Microsoft is using Rust to rewrite some components and put forward.

Matthew proposed a new Rust-based programming language that Microsoft is developing, Verona, which he said is the first time the project has been discussed. Verona is a new language for Microsoft’s “safe infrastructure programming.” According to Matthew, Verona is maintained by C # project manager Mads Torgensen and research software engineer Juliana Franco at Microsoft Research Cambridge.

Via: ZDNet