September 27, 2020

Github launches GitHub Security Lab bug bounty program: award of up to $3000 USD

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GitHub announced at a global developer conference that it has launched a new community program called the Security Lab. In this plan, GitHub not only open-sourced the code analysis engine CodeQL but also set up a vulnerability reward plan with a reward of up to $ 3,000.

CodeQL is a new open-source tool just launched by GitHub. This is a semantic code analysis engine designed to find different versions of the same vulnerability in a large amount of code. CodeQL can help us find vulnerabilities across code bases; allow us to query code like data, write queries to find all variants of vulnerabilities, and eliminate them permanently; share the results of this query to help others eliminate vulnerabilities.

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The mission of the GitHub Security Lab is to inspire and empower the global security research community to protect the security of global code; it is intended to further solve code security challenges, improve the lack of open source communities, and lay a good foundation for high-quality code contributions from open source communities. This plan has also received the support of many big cattle companies, including Microsoft, Google, Intel, etc.