Category: Vulnerability

Adobe August Security Update

Adobe Releases August Security Update

On August 14th, Adobe officially released the August security update, which fixes multiple vulnerabilities in its products, including Acrobat and Reader, Flash Player, Experience Manage and Creative Cloud Desktop Application. Vulnerability Overview: Adobe Flash...

Foreshadow vulnerability

Foreshadow: New vulnerability in Intel chips

Recently, security researchers have discovered a new “Foreshadow” vulnerability affecting Intel processors that bypass the built-in chip security features, making it possible for attackers to obtain sensitive data stored in the supposedly secure cordoned-off...

Spectre variant

Researchers found a new Spectre variant

Two researchers at the University of Saarland in Germany published the paper “ret2spec: Speculative Execution Using Return Stack Buffers” (PDF), which revealed a new vulnerability in the Intel processor. The new flaw enables an “inverse spectre attack”...