September 27, 2020

Microsoft will provide additional 1-year free Windows 7 support for E5 and G5 customers

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According to Microsoft support announcement, the company will provide additional support services for some subscribers, the service is mainly for Windows 7 systems that will end support soon. According to Microsoft’s life cycle planning, Windows 7 system will stop supporting on January 14, 2020, after which Microsoft will not release any security updates for this version. Of course, some enterprises and users who purchase at an additional cost can still get support.

The latest news shared by Microsoft is to provide additional free support for some subscribers, these companies can get security updates even if they continue to use the old version. This part of the subscription users mainly includes Windows E5 and Microsoft 365 E5 users, users who subscribe to the above services can get free additional support.

Windows 7 PC KB4480970

It is worth noting that Microsoft 365 G5 subscribers are also government agencies, and also support this policy to get free security support for 1 year. The education subscription and academic SKUs do not enjoy the support of this welfare policy. These users still need to upgrade their operating systems before the beginning of next year.

In spite of Microsoft’s additional free support, for enterprises and government agencies, it is ultimately necessary to plan an upgrade to upgrade the operating system to Windows 10. The free support policy provided by Microsoft is only one year and the longest is three years. At that time, enterprises will not be able to do even if they want to pay extra for support. Therefore, regardless of whether the company has a free support policy, you should also plan to upgrade. As long as you upgrade the operating system to Windows 10, you do not need to worry about support issues. And Microsoft also emphasized in free support activities that most enterprises should upgrade as soon as possible within one year and should not continue to use unsafe old operating systems.