Fri. Aug 14th, 2020

More Android flagship devices will be able to run Windows 10 ARM version

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Although Microsoft has completely abandoned the Windows 10 Mobile version, smart developers have thought of using the Windows 10 ARM version instead. Previously, the Lumia 950 series could successfully install the Windows 10 ARM version, and even answering calls, sending text messages, and surfing the Internet can work. However, the goal of developers is obviously impossible to be specific devices, these developers are preparing to allow Windows 10 ARM to cover a large number of devices.

Developers have confirmed that OnePlus 6 can be installed with Windows 10 ARM and can also be ported to Xiaomi Mix 2S. Other developers are trying to port the Windows 10 ARM version to the Samsung Galaxy S8, and the current porting work has been partially successful. Although there is still a blue screen problem when starting Windows 10 on S8, it should be possible to start the system if subsequent adjustments are made to the EFI firmware. The developer stated that the fake Linux kernel is currently used in conjunction with DTB to allow the LinuxLoader located on the ABL partition to start the EFI firmware.

There are still a lot of problems to be solved on the S8. The developer revealed that the blue screen of death could not be started due to the constant occurrence of advanced configuration and power interface problems. If these problems can be successfully solved, maybe in the next few months we will see a large number of flagship Android devices running Windows 10 desktop.

Via: WindowsLatest