Microsoft hints it’s working on the plugin for Bing Chat

At present, among ChatGPT, Bing Chat, and Google Bard, only ChatGPT supports plugins. However, access to these plugins remains limited by eligibility, rendering them inaccessible to most users.

Plugins are crucial, as they enable developers to harness their creativity and develop a myriad of innovative applications based on AI, once provided with the plugin API.

With ChatGPT supporting plugins, Microsoft may currently be developing plugins for Bing Chat, though the timeline for their availability remains uncertain.

Microsoft’s ban on other AI robots using Bing search data leaves competitors like DuckDuckGo shivering in apprehension.

In a Twitter conversation with the head of Microsoft Advertising and Online Services, when asked if Bing Chat would support plugins like ChatGPT, the executive cryptically responded with “Stay tuned.”

This response appears to be a clear indication that developers may soon be able to prepare their ChatGPT plugins for use on Bing Chat.

As for Google’s Bard, progress seems rather slow; it currently supports only English, and there have been no visible blog updates regarding new features, let alone plugins.