DuckDuckGo introduces the DuckAssist feature

Just as Microsoft and Google have begun applying artificial intelligence to their search services, DuckDuckGo has also announced a partnership with OpenAI and Anthropic to develop AI technology. This will enable users to quickly understand the key points of website content summaries or answer user questions through a digital assistant service called DuckAssist.

However, the DuckAssist digital assistant service does not appear on all web pages at all times, but only offers assistance on specific web page content. It does so by connecting to Wikipedia or Britannica to answer related content questions.

DuckDuckGo DuckAssist

DuckDuckGo also avoids DuckAssist accessing too much data from the internet, to prevent serious errors and inconsistent answers, as seen in Microsoft’s new version of Bing search service.

Currently, DuckAssist is still in the testing phase, but DuckDuckGo has indicated that it will continue to expand the availability of this feature in the future and allow it to access more online reference materials. At the same time, the company will prevent any unusual circumstances when using the service.

Similar to DuckDuckGo’s emphasis on protecting user privacy and security in the past, when using the DuckAssist feature, users do not need to log in to any personal accounts. Moreover, all information generated by interacting with the DuckAssist feature will not be provided to OpenAI or Anthropic, and DuckDuckGo will not use this information to train artificial intelligence models.