Google releases Chrome version 111 to fix 40 security vulnerabilities

Google Chrome has been updated to a new version today. This update includes stable versions of Chrome for Windows 111.0.5563.65, Chrome for Linux 111.0.5563.64, and Chrome for Mac 111.0.5563.64.

It should be noted that this update is a security-fix version without any new features. According to the official Chrome blog, this update fixes up to 40 security vulnerabilities, including 8 high-risk, 11 medium-risk, and 5 low-risk vulnerabilities, and 16 vulnerabilities that were discovered by Google’s internal team and were therefore not disclosed.

Details of the vulnerabilities have not yet been disclosed, as Google usually waits until most users have upgraded to the new version that is not affected before disclosing the details of the vulnerabilities that have been fixed. Google makes no mention of any of these vulnerabilities being exploited in attacks.

Users who use the Google Chrome browser should go to the settings and about page to check for updates.