Microsoft has brought the Copilot service to the iOS platform

Following Microsoft’s discreet introduction of Copilot to the Android platform, the tech giant has recently also launched the Copilot service app on Apple’s App Store, enabling both iPhone and iPad users to access this service.

In a similar vein, Microsoft has expanded the Copilot service to the iOS platform, endowing iPhone and iPad devices with the additional capability of generating images automatically using DALL·E 3.

Just as with its Android counterpart, the Copilot service app, now gracing the Apple App Store, operates on the technology developed by OpenAI. Concurrently, Microsoft’s previously released Bing service app will continue to be available, catering to distinct functional needs. For instance, while the Bing service focuses on search capabilities, the Copilot service is centered around artificial intelligence interactions.

Other distinctions include that the Bing service integrates solely the expansive natural language model GPT-4 from OpenAI, whereas the Copilot service additionally boasts the DALL·E 3 image generation feature, marking a difference in their functional applications.

As for OpenAI’s ChatGPT service app, previously released for mobile devices, it remains unaffected by Microsoft’s new offerings, although it predominantly operates on the GPT-3.5 model.