Microsoft quietly brings Copilot to the Android platform

Following the integration of the Copilot artificial intelligence application into services such as Windows 11, Microsoft Edge, and Bing Search, Microsoft has extended Copilot’s reach to the mobile platform.

Microsoft has discreetly introduced the Copilot to the Android platform, making it accessible on the Google Play Store under the name “Microsoft Copilot.” This move allows a majority of Android smartphone users to install and interact with the app using natural language. The app facilitates the generation of textual content and images and also allows for operation through pre-set command suggestions.

However, Microsoft has not yet released a version for the iOS platform, possibly awaiting feedback from the Android version to inform its development.

In a similar vein, OpenAI has already made the ChatGPT App available on both Android and iOS platforms. This enables users to interact directly through their smartphones and engage with the automated generative artificial intelligence behind ChatGPT, producing both textual and graphical content.