Huang Hacks Your Career: Ditch the Watch, Embrace Grit – Nvidia CEO’s AI-Era Wisdom

This year, NVIDIA’s founder and CEO, Jensen Huang, has indeed been riding high. Despite a downturn in the semiconductor market, which has impacted many industry giants to varying degrees, NVIDIA has emerged as the primary beneficiary, riding the wave of the Artificial Intelligence (AI) boom. This has led to a dual harvest of revenue and reputation, not only consolidating its leadership in the data center and gaming graphics card market but also potentially surpassing Intel and Samsung to become the top revenue-earning company in the semiconductor sector.

(Image credit: CASPA video)

As reported by TomsHardware, Huang recently participated in an event hosted by the Chinese American Semiconductor Professional Association (CASPA). During a Q&A session, he shared his insights on navigating career paths in the rapidly evolving era of artificial intelligence with young professionals. In essence, Huang’s advice was: “Dedicate yourself to learning all the time and doing the best possible work you can,” and said that he’s loved every job he’s worked — including cleaning bathrooms.

Huang reflected on his career trajectory. Before founding NVIDIA, he initially worked as a waiter at Denny’s restaurant, then moved on to AMD, and subsequently to LSI Logic. He expressed fondness for each role he undertook, including dishwashing and cleaning toilets, believing he did his best in these tasks. Another notable aspect Huang mentioned was his choice not to wear a wristwatch, emphasizing the importance of the present moment and living in the now.

Furthermore, Huang shared an enlightening experience that shaped his perspective on time, encountered during a visit to an ancient, well-preserved Zen temple in Kyoto, Japan. On a hot summer day, a young Huang noticed an elderly gardener squatting with a pair of bamboo tweezers, beside a basket containing only a few pieces of dry moss. Curious, Huang asked how long it would take to tend to such a large garden with such a small tool. The gardener, speaking fluent English, replied, “Dedicate yourself to learning all the time and doing the best possible work you can.”

To Huang, this was a profound and philosophically rich experience, one that restored his sense of tranquility.