Microsoft cooperates with Mercedes-Benz to bring ChatGPT technology to the car system

Microsoft has recently announced a partnership with Mercedes-Benz, intending to integrate the ChatGPT artificial intelligence technology into vehicle systems. It is projected that approximately 900,000 vehicles within the United States will benefit from the assistance of digital assistant services powered by ChatGPT technology.

This collaboration also signifies ChatGPT’s inaugural foray into the realm of vehicle applications, serving as a beacon to attract a more diversified user base to its services.

The synergy between Microsoft and Mercedes-Benz will utilize Azure OpenAI services to connect ChatGPT technology, thereby augmenting the efficiency of digital assistant services within vehicle systems and facilitating a richer interactive experience.

From this point forward, the updated vehicle system incorporating ChatGPT technology will be available for testing to vehicle owners within the United States. Besides manually joining the testing program through the official Mercedes-Benz software ‘Mercedes Me’, users can directly activate the testing features by uttering, “Hey Mercedes, I wish to partake in this beta programme,” via the vehicle system’s digital assistant service.

This testing phase, spanning three months, is intended to gather actionable feedback from users, facilitating the rectification of potential issues or vulnerabilities. Simultaneously, Mercedes-Benz anticipates advancing further integration of ChatGPT technology applications in the subsequent stages.