Apple Design Exodus: Tang Tan Leaving for LoveFrom & AI Dreams with OpenAI

Bloomberg News reporter Mark Gurman has revealed that Tang Tan, Apple’s Vice President of Product Design, who was rumored in early December to be departing, is preparing to join LoveFrom, a design firm founded by former Apple design chief Jony Ive. Furthermore, he will be involved in the creation of artificial intelligence hardware based on software provided by OpenAI.

Tang Tan, formerly responsible for the design of the iPhone and Apple Watch, was reported to be leaving his position in February 2024. The latest news suggests his move to LoveFrom, where he is expected to spearhead the development of AI hardware, rumored to be a collaboration between LoveFrom and OpenAI.

Sam Altman, CEO of OpenAI, in a recent interview, clarified that they are not venturing into the production of AI smartphones. However, he confirmed their involvement in the development of specific products. He also denied any plans to create humanoid robots, stating that while there are many potential applications under consideration, most are still in the early stages of conceptualization.

The collaboration between LoveFrom and OpenAI was first rumored in September this year. Reports indicated that the two entities are working on innovative hardware products for the AI era, speculated to be a smartphone that rivals the iPhone, emphasizing the integration of advanced artificial intelligence technology.