Apple prohibits internal employees from using Copilot and ChatGPT

As reported by The Wall Street Journal, Apple is currently engrossed in the construction of its proprietary large-scale language model. The development is being spearheaded by John Giannandrea, formerly responsible for Artificial Intelligence operations at Google.

The report further indicates that Apple has internally prohibited employees from using automated coding tools like GitHub’s Copilot, and even requested avoidance of AI services like ChatGPT, forestalling potential leaks of confidential information.

ChatGPT Italian Privacy

Previously, many who have served within Apple’s ranks asserted that the company’s advancement in Siri’s digital assistant service and AI technology was constrained. It also struggled to retain sufficient technical talents for the evolution of AI technology, making its current AI applications appear lackluster compared to industry competitors such as OpenAI, Microsoft, and Google.

However, Apple has emphasized its strategic positioning in AI technology applications, continually acquiring AI-related start-ups. Numerous AI-operated features can be observed within iOS and other operating systems, such as assisting users in rapidly locating necessary documents, alerting them to respond to crucial emails, and enhancing photo categorization and recognition via AI technology.

During the upcoming WWDC 2023, apart from updating the iOS 16 operating system and announcing the long-rumored virtual reality headgear, Apple may allocate substantial emphasis on communicating AI application technology with developers.