Reports alleged that Google, Meta, and Microsoft immediately hired a large number of foreign workers at low salaries after they announced layoffs

Recent reports have suggested that corporations, including Google, Meta, Amazon, Microsoft, and Salesforce, have been swiftly employing foreign workers at comparatively lower salaries to fill vacancies, following their recent announcements of staff reductions.

The New York Post cites investigative journalist Lee Fang, who has revealed that Google, subsequent to the commencement of the year and the announcement of a 12,000-strong workforce reduction, promptly submitted numerous H-1B visa applications to the U.S. government. This anticipates the employment of foreign personnel in various roles such as software engineers, analytical consultants, and user experience researchers.

The autonomous driving technology company, Waymo, also recently received approval for its H-1B visa applications, expectedly to recruit engineering staff. Other companies including Meta, Amazon, Microsoft, Salesforce, and Zoom have likewise proposed numerous H-1B visa applications, indicating their intention to recruit a considerable number of workers from outside the U.S. to fill vacancies left by their previous layoffs.

Simultaneously, according to Lee Fang’s investigation, many tech firms have lobbied legislators and the Biden administration through advocacy groups, in hopes of increasing the approval of H-1B visas, facilitating the employment of suitable workers from other countries.

Earlier, corporations including Google, Microsoft, and Amazon stated they would carry out layoffs under different circumstances. However, they also expressed an ongoing commitment to externally recruit personnel to fill vacancies or meet the manpower requirements of new work projects.