OpenAI launches ChatGPT app for the iOS platform

OpenAI has recently announced the launch of its official ChatGPT app on the iOS platform, hinting at an impending Android version.

At present, the iOS version of the ChatGPT app is exclusively available in the United States but is expected to roll out in various other regions within the upcoming weeks. The precise timeline for the release of the Android version remains unconfirmed.

The app facilitates user interaction through text-based conversations or voice inputs transcribed by the mobile microphone. It offers a quick login feature through an Apple ID or Google account. Use of the app is free of charge, but access to the ChatGPT Plus service, which promises a quicker response time and the utilization of the larger GPT-4 language model, necessitates an additional fee.

Moreover, the iOS version synchronizes with the desktop version, allowing users to continue their queries from the desktop edition seamlessly. This integration is also projected to be available with the Android version.