Sat. Aug 15th, 2020

Microsoft filed a patent for a mobile phone with three display screens

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We all know that Microsoft has released an unreleased Surface Duo phone with a dual-display foldable design, but have you ever thought about a foldable phone with three displays?

Surface Duo

The latest smartphone design patent filed by Microsoft shows that it adds a small secondary screen to the border of a screen on the phone. Microsoft described the secondary screen in the patent, saying that generally mobile phones have only one screen, and this screen is used to display all the information on the mobile phone, so some important information may be overwhelmed by a lot of unimportant pushes.

Image Courtesy: USPTO / Microsoft

This third screen is called the “edge screen” by Microsoft. It is located on the border of one of the screens of the folding dual-screen mobile phone, and its display content will be adjusted according to the direction of the mobile phone.

Of course, we can all see that this small secondary screen certainly does not display much content, and Microsoft only mentioned in the documentation that this secondary screen can display some mobile phone browser bookmarks, mobile phone notifications, power, time, signals, information such as the status information of the connected device and the list of running applications.

There is no doubt that we are not clear whether Microsoft will manufacture the products described in the patent, but we can see from this that Microsoft is indeed seriously making dual-screen folding devices.

Via: windowslatest