Microsoft’s latest patent hints that Surface Duo may have four cameras

It seems that Microsoft is very serious about the Surface Duo phone to be launched this time. Not only has it made a public appearance in various public places, but it also claims to invest significant resources to build a “world-class” camera for it. The Surface Duo will not be available until the end of this year, but major media and analysts have high hopes for it, hoping that Microsoft can truly make a world-class phone.

It is well known that Microsoft has not launched its own phone for so many years, so many analysts believe that the Surface Duo’s camera performance Not as good as the current flagship Android phone or iPhone.

The dual-screen device shown in this patent looks very much like a Surface Duo dual-screen phone, but this is not important. Take a look at the information mentioned in the patent.

Image: USPTO

The first camera and the second camera simultaneously capture a respective first image and a respective second image, the first and second images are captured as a stereo pair of images. The processor is configured to process the first image of the stereo pair with a red filter according to the selected function. The processor is configured to process the second image of the stereo pair with a cyan filter according to the selected function, and the stereo pair of images is displayed as a single anaglyph image,” the filing reads.

Via: windowslatest