Microsoft contributes dual-screen emulation to Chromium

Although Panos Panay, Microsoft’s chief product officer, announced earlier this month that Microsoft ’s business focus this year will shift to single-screen Windows 10X devices, rather than the previously announced dual-screen Windows 10X devices. However, the research and development of the Surface Duo are still in progress, so Microsoft will still launch the Surface Duo as scheduled.

Microsoft has been working hard to find ways to allow developers to contact the application development environment of Surface Duo in advance, such as holding various online activities to let developers notice and touch the application development environment of this mobile phone.

At present, Microsoft has switched its Edge browser to the Chromium rendering engine. At the same time, it can also borrow the power of the Chromium community to pave the way for the listing of the Surface Duo.

Now Microsoft has contributed a new feature to Chromium: dual-screen emulator, this feature can help Web-engineers optimize the experience of dual-screen devices accessing web pages.

The dual-screen emulation currently supports the following functions:

  • Device orientation spec is extended to include dual-screen mode.
  • Horizontal spanned and vertical spanned.
  • Device may have a hinge in dual screen mode, which is shown if provided.

Emulation bar has an extra button to span: extending the device view from a single screen to dual screen,” Microsoft noted.

Via: windowslatest