Microsoft Announces Build 2020 Developer Conference Agenda: Focus on Cloud Computing and New Technologies

Affected by the coronavirus epidemic, Microsoft has previously announced the cancellation of the Build 2020 Global Developer Conference. Of course, Microsoft also hosts it through online live broadcasts like other companies.

Online live broadcast sounds not much different from the offline summit, but in fact, online live broadcast still has some difficulties, so it will be different from the previous year. At present, Microsoft has announced the agenda of the global developer conference.

Microsoft Build 2020 registration

At the end of the developer conference in previous years, Microsoft will introduce the situation such as Windows 10 and some consumer-grade software and hardware, which are more practical for ordinary users.

However, Microsoft removed Windows 10 and other devices from last year ’s developer conference, and the entire developer conference hardly mentions the operating system.

This may be the case this year. From the perspective of the agenda, this developer conference is more focused on the developers themselves, mainly introducing new technologies and development toolkits.

All agenda time seems to be shortened and more focused on Microsoft 365 enterprise products, artificial intelligence technology, and Microsoft Azure cloud computing.

Therefore, for ordinary users, this developer conference may be boring, and will not bring news of the operating system, software, and hardware that ordinary users care about.

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