Surface Duo will still be launched to the market as scheduled

Due to the current epidemic of new coronaviruses worldwide, most technology companies and manufacturing companies have suffered heavy work efficiency and productivity. Therefore, last week, Microsoft’s Chief Product Officer Panos Panay announced Microsoft ’s business this year. The focus will shift to single-screen Windows 10X devices instead of the previously announced dual-screen Windows 10X devices.

There is no doubt that Microsoft will continue to bring dual-screen Windows 10X devices to the market in the future, but at present, it seems that the official release date of Surface Neo will definitely be delayed, combined with Microsoft’s previously announced expected release date for this Christmas holiday, But this year we can’t see the Surface Neo listed.

Surface Duo

Panos Panay mentioned in that article that Microsoft will bring more innovative features to Windows 10 to ensure that Windows devices always have the best performance in work, learning, and entertainment.

If you only look at the above article, you might think that Microsoft will not launch the Surface Duo this year, but according to the latest news from media, it is actually not the case. The research and development of the Surface Duo are still actively underway.

A few weeks ago, many netizens noticed that many of Microsoft’s executives were already using Surface Duo. The news from the media also pointed out that we can see the Surface Duo officially listed this Christmas holiday.

Via: androidauthority