October 24, 2020

IBM announces Elyra AI Toolkit, open source set of AI-centric extensions

1 min read

IBM announced the launch of an open-source Elyra AI toolkit to simplify the development of data science and AI models. The source code is available on Github. Elyra AI Toolkit is “a set of open source AI-centric extensions to Jupyter Notebooks, and, more specifically, the new JupyterLab user interface.

The initial version of Elyra includes:

  • Notebook Pipelines visual editor
  • Ability to run notebooks as batch jobs
  • Hybrid runtime support (based on Jupyter Enterprise Gateway)
  • Python script execution capabilities within the editor
  • Notebook versioning based on Git integration
  • Reusable configuration for runtimes

IBM said that it hopes that this new tool for the development of AI models will help the Jupyter ecosystem to develop further.