November 26, 2020

Microsoft admits that Windows 10 cumulative updates have broken the Alt+Tab multitasking function

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ALT+TAB is a multi-task shortcut switching function that Microsoft has used for many years. When the user uses this shortcut key, it can quickly switch all software program windows.

This shortcut key combination is also a good helper for a large number of users to improve work efficiency, but the current cumulative update released by Microsoft seems to have broken this feature.

When users switch windows quickly, sometimes the selected window is clearly selected but other windows are loaded. This problem has already puzzled many users.

After user feedback, Microsoft officially responded that it is investigating the content of user feedback. The company has completed the repair in the beta version and is waiting to repair the stable version channel.

For now, this problem theoretically only affects the Windows 10 20H2 version, because in this version Microsoft has enhanced the window fast switching function.

After the user installs the latest version of the Microsoft Edge browser, Microsoft Edge also supports the display of the switch browsing tab when the user uses the ALT+TAB combination to switch.

This is an enhancement that Microsoft brings to the browser-based on the Windows 10 system, allowing users to more easily switch between different pages when they frequently browse the web.

“Alt-Tab has started acting very inconsistent. For example, if I am quickly switching between windows A and B using Alt-Tab, it will be fine 9 out of 10 times. Then on the 10th time I’m using Alt-Tab, it will randomly switch to window C which I haven’t opened in a while,” one user noted in the Feedback Hub.

The patch for this bug will usher in a routine cumulative update next month, but it is hard to say whether it will be fixed because next month Microsoft engineers will usher in a Christmas vacation.

Microsoft has previously stated that because of the holiday, it will reduce the update frequency next month to ensure that important issues can be fixed, and non-critical issues may be delayed.

Via: windowslatest