Fedora 31 will reach its end of life on November 24, 2020

Fedora 31 will reach its end of life on November 24, 2020

The Fedora project team announced that the Fedora 31 version will expire on November 24, 2020. After the expiration, this version will not receive important security updates. Once a vulnerability is discovered, the attacker will immediately launch an attack.

The project team stated that based on security considerations, users should immediately upgrade the system that is about to stop supporting support to the latest version. Just open the software and go to the update tab to see a large banner reminding you to upgrade Fedora. Just click and follow the prompts.

When the system update function is used to perform the upgrade, all necessary files will be automatically downloaded, and then the system will request to restart the execution update process. After the upgrade is completed, the system will automatically enter the new version.

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Fedora strongly recommends not to run the unsupported version on any production system or any system connected to the public Internet. Users should never let the unsupported system continue to run in the production environment. If vulnerabilities are found in the old version and no security updates are available, attackers can immediately use the vulnerabilities to launch attacks on the system.

In addition to performing the upgrade through the system update module, if it is not convenient to connect to the Internet, users can also download the iso image file for a manual upgrade or new installation. Later, if possible, they also need to regularly install security updates online. If the Internet is not available, they can download the update through a removable storage device to perform regular patch installations.