Drones Are Life Savers, Literally and Figuratively

Initially, drones were used mainly in the military. Maybe that’s why now, they are still relatively rarely applied in other fields. However, those small flying devices that can move thanks to electric linear actuators can do many things. This is one of the main reasons why many industries are adopting drones. However, not much is known about a different application field of drones: rescuing lives and helping people in emergencies.

Thus, it is time to check how drones are used to save the lives of people.

Rescuing Works on Snowy Slopes

There are cases constantly when people are lost in the mountains during a snowstorm or a hurricane. The organization of rescue works is associated with a lot of complications. Drones are able to cover significant territories and deliver high-quality videos and photos. Night vision allows looking for people at night. These features allow to increase the efficiency of search works.

Drone Are Used to Deliver Medicines

Drones are already applied in Africa to deliver medicines to remote and difficultly accessible areas. Also, drones transport blood tests from African remote villages to the labs. It enables medical personnel to get information about the health condition of people and provide the needed help.

Drones Can Provide Help after Natural Disasters

Drones are irreplaceable to mitigate the consequences of such natural disasters as an earthquake, flood, etc. It happens that some places become isolated, with no electricity or connection to the world. Trucks with help and equipment not always can pass.

Drones though can reach even the most isolated locations. These items can be used to deliver food, medicines, equipment. There are even drones nowadays that can provide cellular service while the main communication lines are repaired. 

Help in the Case of Cardiac Arrest

Now, many people suffer from cardiac arrest. Also, many of them die because paramedics cannot arrive on time. For now, the application of drones in this field is just at the testing stage, however, the results are evident.

 Drones can reach a person who needs help much faster than paramedics do. Also, a drone can carry an automatic external defibrillator. Via cameras and loudspeakers, the drone enables a paramedic to give instructions to the people who are close to the victim and provide the needed assistance until paramedics arrive.

Thus, the chances to save a person boost. 


Drones are still not applied as widely as it could be done. There are many concerns and fears. Some of them are imposed by Sci-fi movies and books, where drones are associated with “smart killers”, “tools used for intrusion”, etc. Others though are connected with privacy concerns. Some people don’t like drones flying around because they are afraid that the items will take photos or collect other information types. 

However, provided that the regulation will be established on how to use drones, their application cases, etc., we can make them serve a great service to people. They can be profitable not only to industry but to save the lives of people. 


Hayley Mann is a technology enthusiast specializing in automation methods of ergonomics devices. Her engineering background helps her to create interesting articles on technical topics, making them understandable for all readers.