Microsoft released slides praising its contribution to Chromium

Suddenly, it has been two years since Microsoft gave up its own browser engine. After giving up its own browser engine, Microsoft switched to the Chromium project led by Google.

Unlike other companies, Microsoft not only changes the engine but also actively contributes to the entire open source project, unlike some browsers that only know to change the code.

In fact, since joining the Chromium project, Microsoft has indeed made many contributions to the project. After all, Microsoft is also the best developer on other platforms.

Microsoft product manager Eric Lawrence released a slide on Twitter a few days ago to praise Microsoft’s contribution, mainly functional improvements for the Chromium kernel.

The slide shows that at least 161 engineers from Microsoft have made 1835 changes to the project. Each change represents a submitted function or function code and performance improvement.

Among the key feature, improvements include helping the Chromium browser improve: Accessibility, Battery-life improvements, HTML form controls, Media Playback, Canvas rendering performance, Windows font rendering, Layout, Scrolling, Editing & Virtual Keyboard, WebXR, HTML, JSON & CSS modules, Privacy – StorageAccess API, Enterprise, release quality and security improvements

Finally, there are the privacy improvements that Microsoft has shared with the Chromium project, including storage APIs, and a series of quality and security improvements that Microsoft has brought to enterprises.