Fri. Aug 7th, 2020

Magisk Canary version now supports Android 11 system

1 min read

After SuperSU left us, Magisk has become the first choice for most users to root their own Android phones. It is not only a root tool but also can mount a variety of third-party modules, in a more free and comfortable way to play with your mobile phone.

Magisk author John Wu (topjohnwu) released the Magisk Canary version that supports the Android 11 developer preview version. According to the pictures provided by John Wu, it is known that this version of the rooted mobile phone can pass SafetyNet certification.

However, it is embarrassing that after the release of this version, many users reported that the Google Pixel 2 running Android 11 system could not be turned on after being rooted.

The developer just tweeted that he has replaced the original cracking method with another cracking method he came up with at 5 am and pushed out the new Magisk Canary version.

If you want to use the Magisk Canary version, you need to install Canary Magisk Manager first, and then switch to the Canary channel in the settings to get the update. After installing the update, you can use the Magisk Canary version.