LG unveiled a new brand direction and visual identity

LG recently unveiled its revitalized brand identity, bolstering its “Life’s Good” philosophy and presenting a more vibrant and dynamic brand image to consumers.

The new emblem symbolizes LG’s aspiration to become an iconic brand across regions and age groups, including Generation Z, emphasizing core principles such as “customer experience first,” “human-centric innovation,” and “spreading warmth and smiles.”

Building upon its longstanding brand slogan “Life’s Good,” LG seeks to create a superior quality of life for consumers through its products, services, and interactions. Moreover, with its mission statement “Innovation for a Better Life,” LG underscores its commitment to envisioning a brighter future through technological innovation and contributing to the planet.

Through the refreshed brand identity, LG aims to reinterpret its intrinsic warmth and cohesion, fostering a greater sense of empathy with customers. Integrating lively and interactive elements into its existing brand identity, LG showcases a renewed appearance.

The new brand identity will be displayed on digital platforms in various amusing ways, such as smiling greetings or moving to background music. The letters “L” and “G” form a brand symbol that can exhibit eight different actions, including nodding, spinning, and blinking.

In addition to LG’s iconic red, the company will use a more energetic “Active Red” for customer communication channels. This vibrant red, along with white and black gradient elements, will be incorporated into products and services as appropriate, adding a rich sense of color. Furthermore, LG will reinterpret the “Life’s Good” slogan with a new font design, extensively applying it to brand promotion and product identification.