Microsoft adds developer mode to Windows 10 and 11 OOBE

As Microsoft’s Build 2023 Developer Conference approaches, promotional materials mention Dev Home, likely an exclusive application for developers.

The specifics of this application remain uncertain; however, Microsoft has concurrently introduced Developer Mode within the Windows 10 and 11 OOBE interface.

Windows 11 developer mode

According to Microsoft, selecting Developer Mode will facilitate enhanced efficiency for developers, automatically configuring the system to accommodate development workloads.

This Developer Mode differs from the one found in Windows 10 and 11 settings; it is an option within the OOBE interface for selecting a PC usage mode.

Microsoft currently offers modes for gaming, home, creativity, education, entertainment, and business, allowing users to choose based on their individual needs.

Each mode presents distinct suggestions; for example, selecting Gaming Mode may occasionally prompt an Xbox Game Pass trial offer.

The added Developer Mode is described as follows: Choosing Developer aids in configuring your system to optimize developer efficiency, encompassing the Dev Home app and more.

Dev Home enables swift access to various tools, such as dashboard widgets for workflow monitoring and recommendations for system performance enhancement.

Preselecting Developer Mode will configure your computer for developer workloads, potentially streamlining the development process for developers.

Via: PhantomOfEarth