Intel and Arm cooperate to produce processors designed with Arm’s new architecture with 18A process technology

Intel and Arm have recently announced a joint endeavor, utilizing Intel’s 18A process technology to collaborate on the manufacturing of processors based on Arm’s latest architecture. These initial processors, designed for mobile devices, will later expand into automotive, Internet of Things (IoT) devices, and processors for data centers, aerospace applications, and government sectors.

In 2021, Intel confirmed its plans to assist Qualcomm in producing processor designs using its 20A process technology by 2024. The latest announcement, featuring a more advanced 18A process technology collaboration with Arm, implies that a greater number of cutting-edge processors can be manufactured within the United States or Europe. This development reduces the reliance on leading foundries like TSMC and Samsung for the production of Arm-based processors.

Additionally, the partnership between Intel and Arm ensures that the manufacturing of advanced-process technology processors remains unaffected by geopolitical or wartime factors, avoiding the production and supply issues that have limited market growth in recent years.

Apart from the initial focus on mobile devices, the collaboration plans to extend production to processors for automotive and IoT devices, as well as data centers, aerospace applications, and government sectors.

According to Intel’s previously announced process technology roadmap, the 20A process is set to enter preparatory production in January 2024, with the 18A process slated for the second quarter of the same year.