September 23, 2020

KeenLab jailbreak ios 12.1 Jailbreak On iPhone XS Max

1 min read

The recently released iOS 12.1 has been jailbroken, and the latest iPhone XS Max models have also been smashed. Tencent KeenLab researcher Liang Chen confirmed on Twitter that he has successfully jailbroken iPhone XS Max on iOS 12.1, but if you want to apply it to your own iPhone XS Max, there is basically no chance that this will happen.

In most cases, we found jailbreak iPhone method from researchers, however, this method refuses public development code, but also willing to sell it to other third parties, or Apple to report vulnerabilities, in order to repair them in the next update.

Jailbreaking is not for everyone, because it has a more or less substantial impact on security, but at least this program removes some of Apple’s restrictions and can do things that the official version of the system can’t do.