Intel’s 14th-generation Core processors will increase in price

On September 19th and 20th of 2023, Intel is poised to orchestrate the “Intel Innovation” summit in San Jose, California, where the spotlight will illuminate the unveiling of their 14th generation Core processor, christened Raptor Lake Refresh. Motherboard manufacturers, in anticipation of this release, are in the terminal stages of their preparations, priming the targeted Z790 motherboards for launch.

Intel Core Ultra September

A recent revelation by Twitter user @momomo_us suggests that Intel contemplates an uptick in the pricing structure of the 14th-generation Core processors, proposing an average increase of 15%. Here’s a cursory glance at the projected pricing:

– The Core i9-14900K is expected to escalate from the i9-13900K’s $599 to $694, marking an increment of 15.8%.
– The Core i9-14900KF will elevate from the i9-13900KF’s $579 to $659, an augmentation of 13.8%.
– The Core i7-14700K will leap from the i9-13700K’s $424 to $484, a surge of 14.1%.
– The Core i7-14700KF is predicted to rise from the i7-13700KF’s $409 to $469, amplifying by 14.6%.
– The Core i5-14600K is slated to jump from the i5-13600K’s $329 to $379, a hike of 15.2%.
– Lastly, the Core i5-14600KF is projected to ascend from the i5-13600KF’s $304 to $344, bolstering by 13.1%.

Per MSI’s articulation, the 14th-generation Core processors will offer a performance uplift averaging 3% over their 13th-generation counterparts. However, due to the inclusion of four additional efficiency cores in the Core i7-14700K, multi-threaded performance will witness a significant 17% boost. By this metric, the most compelling arguments for a price hike predominantly pertain to the Core i7-14700K and Core i7-14700KF.

There were murmurs last month suggesting Intel’s intention to recalibrate the pricing for their Core processors, enveloping products from the 12th generation Alder Lake, the 13th generation Raptor Lake, and the imminent 14th generation Raptor Lake Refresh to the Meteor Lake. This strategic move was speculated to bridge the financial chasm required for semiconductor foundry expansions. Intel, however, swiftly dispatched a statement to the media, dispelling these narratives.