Fri. Aug 14th, 2020

HMD launches Android 9.0 update to Nokia 6.1 and Nokia 6.1P

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The chief product officer of HMD just announced on Twitter that the company is ready for Android 9.0 and will start to push to Nokia 6.1P users.

The Nokia 6.1 users received the Android 9.0 version of the push yesterday, which is based on Google’s native Android system.

Google launched the official version of Android 9.0 in early August, and HMD released the Android 9.0 beta version to the Nokia 6.1 series in October.

Then the official version has been successfully released to all Nokia 6.1 series users, I have to say that the overall update speed of HMD is still very fast.

HMD’s chief product officer said that Android 9.0 features such as gesture navigation, adaptive battery management, and Google Camera support the Nokia 6.1 series.

Don’t worry about other Nokia users who haven’t received the official version of Android 9.0 yet, HMD has promised that all Nokia devices will be available for updates.

Other models are expected to be updated from the end of this year to the spring of next year, and current HMDs are continuing to provide security updates for older systems.