September 27, 2020

Google Store leaks some configuration information for Google Pixel 3A XL

1 min read

Although Google’s own Pixel series devices are well-configured but relatively expensive, Google is also mulling a low-cost Pixel lightweight version. This lightweight version is rumored to be Pixel 3A XL (Bonito), but it is now rumored to have been leaked because of the Google Store. Pixel 3A XL is available in the Google App Store Developer Console with 4GB of RAM and 1080×2160 resolution.

Image: slashleaks

The rumor shows that Bonito uses a low-end Qualcomm Snapdragon 670 processor with a 6-inch display, and the console shows that its screen DPI seems to be 400. From this configuration point of view, it is a lightweight version is also completely appropriate, so when the price drops down, I believe there should be many users willing to buy 3A XL.