September 27, 2020

Google began to embed various sponsored posts in the Android TV

1 min read

Recently, many Android TV users have reported that their TVs appear to have advertisements. These advertisements are displayed directly in the launcher and cannot be closed. Some users think this may be Google’s misconfiguration causing users to see newly loaded ads, but Google has confirmed that these ads are not misconfigured.

An official Google spokesperson issued a statement saying that Android TV is committed to optimizing and personalizing the home entertainment experience, while also exploring new measures to attract users. Currently, Google is running a pilot program to display sponsored content on the Android TV home screen, such as displaying sponsored content and promotional channel content.

In the discussion thread, many users found that Android TVs including Samsung, Xiaomi and NVIDIA began to display these ads and could not be closed directly. The current ad content mainly appears on the Android TV home screen, but the same type of ad content may also be displayed in other locations. However, Android TV does not mention such ads in the settings, so there is no way for users to completely disable these ads by setting options.

Source, Image: XDA