Wed. Feb 26th, 2020

Google releases Chrome Suspicious Site Reporter extension that allows users to report malicious sites to Google Safe Browsing

1 min read

Google today released the Suspicious Site Reporter extension. As the name suggests, this extension will allow users to report suspicious websites to the Safe Browsing service. In addition, Google also stressed that Chrome recently began to warn users who visit fraudulent URL sites.

Google Safe Browsing provides a list of URLs containing malware or phishing content to Chrome, Firefox, and Safari browsers, as well as ISPs. Google said in September 2017 that its secure browsing feature has protected more than 3 billion devices, up from more than 4 billion last month. It is reported that the service will display a warning before users visit dangerous websites or download dangerous files.

Now, Google is opening a secure browser to get reports. In fact, suspicious website reporter extensions are two-way. When you are on a potential suspicious site, the expanded icon will be displayed. Clicking on the icon will display more information about what it might be suspicious. Users can also report this to Google for further evaluation.